Raw Sleep-out #3

Ooh i can tell you, this one was a nice one! Not only because i was pretty stressed before i left, but because of the weather, the good food and the good company. Just before i wanted to go with my friend patrick i got a phone call from Henk. He was on his way towards me, on a bicycle, from Alblasserdam in the west of the country. I live in the Northeast of the country, so thats about 300 Kilometers from my place! He was already on the bike for 3 days, already in the middle of adventure. He wrote a nice piece about it with some damn good pictures, and you can read and see it here.

But because of Henk’s early arrival, a phone call if i could work the next night and some other stuff i was really stressed out. And now i will spend the night in the forrest… Damn, i should be working on some stuff that i need to get finished! But when Henk arrived patrick and me packed our bags, took our bikes and went to a nice place not far from the city. I was known with the place, and knew it was a good place to calm your head and have a good night with some friends.


Soon we had a fire going, and it looked like my stress burned with the wood… I think the beer also helped a bit, but the sun setting over a lake, birds singing and the sound of a fire is the best way to clear your head when its stressed. What i didn’t know is that patrick is quite the cook! He made a beautiful fire and creatively started making hamburgers like a real forrest chef.


We ate till we were satisfied; hamburgers, noodles with tunafish, couscous with tomato sauce and a glass of wine to help everything digest like it should. While the sun set, and the sky turned yellow and purple the frogs started their choir and the bats were flying around us. We drank another glass of wine, and talked about life, ourselves and our other halves. Its funny how a fire and darkness brings people together. It seems people are more open to each other when there is a fire and everybody is sitting around it. It binds us.


After some good conversations it was time to hit the sack. It was a fresh night, the stars were bright and so was the moon. A couple of times i woke up from the frog choir, but the night was refreshing. When we woke up the next morning the sun was already out to greet us, and soon the coffee was brewing. For me this is THE best way to start a day. Freshly brewed coffee in a tiny forrest. Drink it while its still hot and birds are singing, hoping to get a sip.


With the coffee waking us up, we ate the leftovers from the evening and some bread and we put down our tents. It was time to go back to real life. For me that was lots of work… Getting ready for a exhibition, printing and distributing posters, getting lots of wood from a store, making a advertisement and in the night filming at a technoparty. The break of the Raw Sleep-out gave me the energy to do everything without stressing. The stress of the previous day was totally gone and therefore i had lots of energy to bounce trough my day. You might think that a night in a tent on a mat is sucking energy and you would wake up broken, but the fresh air and surrounding gives you that extra energy to bounce trough the day with a smile on your face.

Im glad i went again, because for me the cure for stress is a Raw Sleep-out!

I want to thank “Mr Bicycle” Henk,


and “The Forrest Chef” Patrick for the nice talks and the laughs!


One thought on “Raw Sleep-out #3

  1. Just a great night this one! Just a big thanks for this project and off course for the great time on the road 🙂 See you soon!

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