My top 5 adventure and travel songs

What is your perfect travel song? Leave it in the comments!

It seems I have a music addiction. When I don’t listen to music on a regular basis, music starts to play in my head. But then only the music I don’t want to hear like Britney Spears and such… So to counteract that I listen music on a regular basis, and when I make a trip the Ipod is filled with the best tunes. So here is a selection of songs that set my mind to travel to adventurous places, or help me when I’m a bit down.


Spinvis – Kom Terug (Translation: come back)  

Kom terug is a song of Dutch artist Spinvis, roughly translated as “Spiderfish”. I came across this song when I went on my first big cycling trip and when I heard this song I felt something trough my body. The lyrics say exactly what I feel when I travel. Since it’s Dutch let me translate it for you:

Travel far, drink wine, think deep
Laugh loud, dive deep
Come back

I see this a bit as a travel manifest, giving you motivation to travel. Thanks Spinvis!

Jose Gonzalez – Stay Alive

The song is made for the soundtrack of “The secret life of walter mitty”. The film is about an editor for Life magazine who goes on an adventurous journey to find the picture for the last edition of the magazine. When this song plays it gives me a push, it makes me feel like going out there and experience new things. It gives me a rush of energy, so when times are bad and I put on this song, all is being put back in perspective and I can (at least a little) enjoy the misery of being hungry, cold and tired during a little adventurous journey.

Korpiklaani – Spirit of the Forest

Imagine: You’re sitting in the forest while cooking your dinner over a fire. You can hear the animals around you, and the sounds of the forest. It’s dark and the clouds move away from the moon, and in the moonlight all the trees are now fully visible… This is what I see when I’m listening to this song. This is a perfect song (other songs of this album “Voice of the Wilderness” are too!) for a hike trough a beautiful forrest. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer,winter or autumn, one could feel like a warrior exploring wild places, and enjoying the spirits of the forest.

Old Crow Medicine Show – Highway Halo

Bluegrass, one of the best music for listening when traveling in my opinion. It’s made of blood, sweat and tears and you can hear from the lyrics of this song, the singer knows his highways. Great song, great instruments, great on the road feeling. Nothing else to add.

Junip – Your Life, Your Call

It’ s your life, your call, stand up or enjoy the fall… There is always time for an adventure, because its your call… And once you’re into an adventure and it’s not going so well, enjoy the fall. You have gone out, and maybe you are hungry, cold or tired and you feel like falling… Enjoy it, these are the moments you get to know yourself. Pull yourself together, you’ll make it!

These are a couple of the songs that make me want to travel, go out and explore or simply have a little overnight adventure. Music is different for everyone, and thats the beauty of music. Everyone has another connection, or hears the lyrics different. Traveling with music is nice, but it’s good to go out without music once in a while. Hear the sounds of the gravel crumble under your shoes, your tires rolling over the road and the wind trough the trees while you cook your meal in the evening. You might even hear the spirit of the forest!

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