Lapp’n, the traveling golfball


Let me introduce you to my travel companion Lapp’n the traveling golfball!


Lapp’n is four years old now and was found during a hitch hiking trip with my good friend Kerrin. We found Lapp’n in the swedish forest, and decided the name Lapp’n would fit, since we would go to Lapland.


In the four years Lapp’n has travelled the world! Lapp’n has seen many sights: His house in the forests of Sweden, an early morning in Copenhagen in Denmark, and more spots in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, India and Nepal.


It seems with the encounter of Lapp’n my adventurous travel started. Who knows where Lapp’n will bring me next, you can keep updated trough my facebook page.


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