Without-a-map: Maastricht to Mt Blanc and back. Pt. 4, passes and following signs


The las two weeks I’ve been cycling continuesly. Nothing happened except for rolling the wheels and going from here to there, trying to find my way without a map. In the other hand, so many things happened!

After following Iris her map to the Mt Blanc tunnel I realized it might not be possible to hitchhike with a bike and pannierbags… 4 hours passed while I stood at the beginning of the tunnel with my thumb up. Some people stopped, looked at my bike, and drove on. But just when I abandoned all hope, getting soaked by the rain and the local policeman told me they would bring me back to chamonix, a car stopped. My saviours! Within minutes my bike was on the top of the car and we left for Aosta, where the start of the Great St Bernards pass is.


From now on it was climbing. And climbing. And after that a little more climbing! During this climb I met Renee and Laurent. We cycled a little together and after a drink went our seperate ways to the top. Just before the top we met again and did the last hundreds meters together. It was a joy to be all the way up there and although we went our seperate ways it was a pleasure to celebrate the triomph of the pass with them! A celebration is always better togher. Later that day I found something that made me think about the goodness of some people, I just could’nt believe it:


And just like that I was in Switzerland! Now the following of the signs started. Route nr. 1, the Rhone route (totally awesome route!) route nr. 5 and nr.8 Just follow the signs. It made me feel a little bored and stuck in the pre made routes. Thinking for yourself becomes less important and arrows left or right became my map. Don’t get me wrong, they were some great and beautifull routes, but isn’t making your own route way more rewarding?


After a rainy day, where good people in Aarau took care of me and gave me dry clothers and a sofa for the night I lost the trail of arrows. I found a new and way more interesting trail, one that ends in Rotterdam, the Rhine!

But I don’t need to go to Rotterdam, I need to go to Maastricht…

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