Types of music to listen to when traveling

When I go on a journey, one of my close friends is my Ipod. Music is very important to me, and it can guide me trough hard time, as wel as trough the good ones. During my last trip I found out that every type of weather screams for certain kinds of music. Lets see what it is and have a listen!


calls for slow and full music. Music that is like syrup but also a bit pushy. Pushing you trough the heat of the moment. Just keep going while the blanket of heat surrounds you.







Imagine: you’re totally soaked, everything is wet and the rain just keeps pouring down. You can take shelter somewhere, but you still have 60 kilometers to go. And next to this, it will rain all day long… What do you do then? Well, you can put your mindset at rain, and your Ipod on some repetitive loud music.

Or put on some “Aquabass”

fogSo there you are, riding on your bike trough foggy forests or down a mountain enrobed by a thick mist. Now there is just one thing you can do, put on some mysterious music.

busy roads






Mostly I try to take the roads that are hidden. But traveling without a map might push you on a huge road. A road that is filled with cars, or a road that is for sure not made for cyclists. What to do? Go back and search for another road, or take my Ipod and listen to some of this…?

Actually there is nothing else during dangerous roads. Just Black Sabbath. (When the road gets really dangerous, its better to take the music off and concentrate on cycling and not getting into accidents)


At some points you will find these beautiful roads you’ve been searching for. The forest paths. Small, rough, curvy and full of surprises. Best taken downhill and with a pinch of wildling music, like Korpiklaani.

uphillSometimes you just need that little extra energy to get you there. When you go uphill and see a sign saying 19% for example. This is when I turn up the volume, take an extra zip of water and go!

gooddayRain, heat, fog, uphill, downhill and forests. Mostly this stuff is not there. It’s just a nice day, you’re cycling along and nothing special is happening. It’s just a good day. And a good day calls for good music. Really good music, that might lift you up and makes you sing while you’re cycling.

Of course there is way more music out there, specific for all the types of experiences, emotions or phases you go trough when traveling. But the most important it to know when to lose the music, and just listen to the things around you. Nothing sounds better then the crackling of a fire, not even music!

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