A swim in late autumn (Or how I didn’t make it)

The day was fully planned; in the morning I would start an guerrilla action for the cinema I’m working at and in the afternoon we would be in a radio show with our travel collective. Although sickness got the best of some people, the radioshow didn’t go on. All of a sudden there was a free afternoon on my hands!

For my upcoming trip I had to come up with a creative idea, and I had to straighten my head as well. So the only reasonable thing to do was to take my bike on this cold, grey and windy day, go to a lake and jump in. Cycle 20 kilometers back and have a warm shower as a reward. So I packed my swimming shorts, towel and cycled out of town. It was just 4 degrees celcius, but the cycling should make me warm.

stadThe first natural shower came. Then another one. And another…waterik2

Wet and soaked by all the showers I got to a place with many small lakes. The cutting wind was blowing like it does in late autumn, and all the lakes had electric fences around them, like they have in the Netherlands. Now, the urge to jump in a body of freezing water was tempered by the idea of drying off afterwards, and putting my cold and soaked clothing on again. And then cycling 20 kilometers trough the rain. The moment I decided to leave the swim and cycle back, there was a small sensation of disappointment. But then again, it would be nice not to get sick because I had the urge to swim while the weather was so crappy. The sun was setting and although I was wet and cold the sunset warmed my core.


Nevertheless the weather was trying to get the best of me! I had to resort to more drastic measures: Fried fish!



Coming home I felt like I went on a small adventure. The idea of a swim earlier that day made me excited and the bikeride lifted my spirits high enough to not care about the wet weather. My thoughts where sorted again and the creative idea came too. Cycling is not just going from A to B for me, it’s a way to clear things in my head. An active meditation and a good way to feel the nature around me. That I didn’t really go for a swim doesn’t matter, the moment of getting on my bike and cycling off matters the most. Going out, even if it’s just for a couple of hours can give you just what you need sometimes.

Leaving a wet trail behind me, I walked into my home. Damn, I felt like I swam with all my clothes on!

The creative problem I had to think of during this bike ride is for my next little trip. You can like my Facebook if you’d like to hear more of this!

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