Grilling meat just with branches.

So there you are, in the wild with an empty stomach. Your bag is filled with meat, but robbers stole your pots and pans. How to make this delicious food now?


For making meat you just need four sticks. A long, and live one and three small ones, a little bit longer then the with of your meat is. Now you cut the top of long and live branch trough the middle with a knife, so your piece of meat will fit in there. Take the 3 smaller pieces of wood, and get rid of the bark around it. Otherwise it burns, and your meat will be a little burned too. Then make the tiny sticks pointy so you can put them trough the meat later. It’s best to make holes in the meat with your knife, so you don’t destroy the meat by trying to poke holes in it with the pointed sticks. But be careful, I’ve cut my fingers a couple of times while making holes in the meat with the knife. When you’ve made six holes on the edges of the meat, you can put the 3 sticks in. This will keep the meat straight and easy to get ready everywhere. Take the meat with the sticks, open the large branch and put the meat in. It helps to close the branch with some iron wire so you are sure the meat doesn’t fall out. Or just put quite far in, this also works good. Cutlery stolen by the same robbers? You can use the small sticks!


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