The Janapar Grant; becoming an adult the best way possible!

It became late, and soon the sun would set. I needed a place to make camp for the night, but I still found myself in the border of Stockholm. Cycling on my (way too small) bike, just outside of town I saw a neighborhood where houses were being built. I decided to jump the fence and set my tent up behind the fence. That must be safe!


On this bike €30 I cycled 900 km’s. I think yours will be better

While traveling I grew up into an adult. Meeting people, overcoming problems I came across and being by myself for a long time. I was walking, hitchhiking and yes, eventually cycling. I bought a €30 bicycle and went about in Sweden. But things are made easier now, by adventure cyclist Tom Allen.

Tom Allen gives away a grant; The Janapar Grant. This grant takes care of the practical stuff. A bike, camping gear, clothing and tools. And you get support from the best adventurers the UK has to offer; Alastair Humphreys, Emily Chappell, Tim & Laura Moss, Leon McCarron and Tom Allen. They will guide you when necessary and you will learn how to write about your experiences. This lets you learn how to structure your thoughts, and write them down eventually.

Sadly I can’t apply to the grant, only UK based youngsters (damn I feel old when I write that!) from 18 till 25  can do. So If you fall into that category, go to the site, and apply! You will not regret it, how can you regret making a trip of a lifetime?


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