Letter to my grandpa


Dear grandpa,

How are you doing? I’m doing well. At the moment of writing I find myself in the same hostel as four years ago, when I also sent you a postcard from Scotland. Funny, isn’t it?

The hostel is ok, but I feel better in my tent somewhere in the hills. Fresh air instead of the smell of five people sleeping in one room, city noise all around and I even have to pay for all this! But I have to be honest, a shower is nice and the perspective of dry belongings in the morning is quite comferting. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to go out in the nature.

In Wales and England I sometimes felt as a tramp. I’ve wondered if these people still exist, but when I climbed another fence to roam over the lands of a farmer and search a place for the night, I knew there were still tramps. One morning I was really lucky; just a couple of minutes after I packed up and jumped the fence, a tracktor pulled in to fertilize the land! I don’t think the farmer would be really happy to see me and my tent on his precious land. But I recon it’s different in Scotland, I can camp everywhere so no angry farmers.

Last month I started off on rollerblades. That was really hard! I think my blades where too small; I still feel my ankle when I press on it. Very bad preparation from my side, but I guess things go like they go. After six days of walking an blading a woman came up to me while I was sitting next to the road, catching my breath. She invited me to her house to spend the night in the guesthouse and in the end they even offered me a bicycle!

During this journey I’ve met so many good people who gave me water, fed me and even gave me books. Even people who gave their phonenumber, so in a bad situation I could text them and they would prey for me. A real nice gesture.

In a couple of hours Henk will be here and tomorrow we will continue the journey together. I’m really looking forward to this.

In October I’ll be back home and I’ll share my stories of adventure in real life with you.

Greetings and all the best,

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