A free adventure bike waiting for you in Scotland

– Update 31/10/2016: Wesley has been given away to Danish traveler Lukas! – 

About six weeks ago I started my journey from Land’s End to John ‘O Groats in search of myths and legends. The plan was to do it on rollerblades, but soon I found out the downhills where too much for me. With my limited braking techniques, it’s safe to say I was not safe. Falling down into the thorney hedegs became my braking technique and I was afraid I would injure myself or find myself under the rolling wheels of a passing car. But then it happened. I got invited by Mel and her family from Coad’s Green, Cornwall to stay over for the night. It was there where they offered me Wesley, the adventure bike.


I was struggeling and not making many miles so the offer of the bike looked like the Flow helping me. I took the bike and currently Wesley and me are in Scotland on our way up to John ‘O Groats. But what will happen to Wesley the adventure bike when I get there? That’s where you come in.


Since this bike is given to me, I’d like to pass it on to another adventurer. You might go to Africa with it, China or maybe to Land’s End. I will leave the bike in John ‘O Groats, locked. If you want to have it and make an incredible journey on it, get in touch with me, and I tell you where the key is or we meet up the 9th of October. Are you planning to go on a journey a couple of months later? I can send you the key by mail. Thats what mail is for, right?

Wesley had some great adventures, but he wants more. Mountains, backroads and downhills; Wesley loves them. But also on flat land Wesley does his trick.


For the person who gets the bike I leave some space on my website for a guestpost with some pictures of your journey. Doesn’t matter how big or small. As long as his weels are rolling in search of adventure and he is not standing still or gets stolen or being sold. Did you finish your journey? Give Wesley away to the next adventurer like I do. This way Wesley might see more of the world then your nextdoor neighbour.


Please share, tweet, repost this blog anywhere you think is appropriate. Tag people you know who would like to make a journey but don’t have a bike. Send a letter to that old friend or shout it out loud in an outdoorstore. Help Wesley in the search for more adventure!

To get in touch, send me a message on my Facebook page.


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