Get your fix of adventure and cycling films in Germany this weekend!

It was three years ago, when I went to the International Cycling Film Festival for the first time. One of my films was selected in the free afternoon program, and it was great being there. But it wasn’t all about the films. The festival felt like a celebration of cycling culture. A Self made bicycle from bamboo, a vinyl bike tournament (the faster you peddle on a hometrainer linked up to a screen, the faster the film on the screen goes), great inventions like toothbrush-brakes and a critical mass in the afternoon. And yes, popcorn too.



Goldene Kurbel2

One of the organizers hosted me and we made some plans to see if we could team up next year (and see if we can take over the world). And so in 2015 the Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival was born. On the Night before the cycling films, adventure films will roll from the screen, with and without bikes. This year the second edition will show amazing films from great adventurers and filmmakers.


“The important places”


“The questions we ask”

So get your bike, kayak or grab your shoes and backpack and get yourself to Herne, Germany for a weekend of adventure and cycling culture!

Check out the website or the Facebook page.

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