2016; a year in pictures – and Radio!


There are hardly any adventurous events in the Netherlands, time to make them happen! I decided to start “Leeuwarder Adventure Nights“, a series of lecture evenings where amateur adventurers talk about their journeys. First off were: Joren Kruit; cyclist – Ebrahim Hemmatnia; boatcyclists (Yeah, a boatcyclist) & Martijn Regterschot; motorbiker.



It was time for a little winter adventure. Together with a friend we would walk 300 kilometers in our backyard, the outline of our province. Sadly because of an injury I had to stop, but at least we did 75 kilometers in three days. Check out the story here.



Beginning of the Spring!


The International Cycling Film Festival had a premiere in Groningen 2016. It was the first time I’ve organized a film festival, it will not be the last. Totally sold out, many cyclists came together to celebrate this culture.


Together with the organizers from Germany and Poland


2016 was also the year of the first RAW Radio session; adventure radio with interviews, music and more random adventure based stuff. You can check it here. (in Dutch)

But it was also time for adventure again! A short weekend adventure on the Dutch coast, following the line of bunkers the German forces left in the second world war. Check out the short film I made about the journey here.


Camping in one of the bunkers, the German forces used to live in


Another Adventure Night saw the light! Speakers were: Henk van Dillen (cycling from Rotterdam to Singapore), Roy Williams (Longboard adventures) and Johanneke & Douwe Dijkstra (Leeuwarden to Paris on a solex)


The Idea of making radio really appealed to me, so together with Maud van Maarseveen we went on a little journey to make live adventure radio from the tent. We had some interviews with people we came across, told about out experiences, had a little beer tasting session in the tent and of course the sound of adventure! How does this sound? Check it here. (In Dutch)



Birdspotters talking about the beauty of birds


The Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival had it’s premiere in Groningen!



Last year I showed “Why we go out” on the Nomads Gathering in Amsterdam. This year I’ve been asked to do the Rough Conditions Adventure Film Fest there and organise something else. I decided to do an adventure workshop. The Gathering was about travel, adventure and being outside. So what else to do then to take people outside? The workshop was a little 2 hour adventure; getting from A to B in the city without money…



Hitchhiking bikes, boats and trams



The biggest adventure of this year, rollerblading LeJog (Land’s End, UK – John ‘O Groats, SCOT) I started off in the end of August. And it wasn’t easy. It was even so hard, plans changed without consulting me…



The journey didn’t go as planned but still I continued with a new (and given to me) mode of transportation. I rolled trough England, Wales and Scotland. Alone and with a friend. To go more and more north to get to John ‘O Groats, the most northeastern point of Scotland.



Eventually the trip of 50 days ended by reaching John ‘O Groats. Just before that I was sure that I would be eaten by stags in rut. But luckily I survived. In the end I left “Wesley” the adventure bike in John ‘O Groats, to pass it on to the next adventurer.


Just a week after I came back, I organized the 2nd Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival in Germany, a day previous to the International Cycling Film Festival.


Next to this I gave some lectures and showed some films on the biggest bike fair in the BeNeLux, BikeMotion. Yes, October was a busy month…




The Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival in Rotterdam was totally sold out, a huge succes! It’s great to see so many people with an urge to be inspired to get outdoors!


Manu from the Alternative Travelers Gathering Amsterdam asked me if I wanted to do the Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival on Gran Canaria at the ATLAS Hostel during the Nomads Gathering. An offer I couldn’t refuse! So after giving an adventure workshop (More of this in 2017) and the film festival I decided for the mountains and did some good old contemplating and made some great plans for 2017…


But first another Leeuwarder Adventure Night before the year ends! Speakers were: Remco van der Noord; Leeuwarden – Mongolia – Leeuwarden with a motorbike, Dorien Cramers; cycling trough China, Arjen Ulrich; walking from Alkmaar to New York.


2016; a year full of great events, meeting great people and some awesome adventures. I feel 2017 has even more in store!

Do you have some great adventures in store for 2017?

2 thoughts on “2016; a year in pictures – and Radio!

    • Thanks Henk! About expectations, the only thing I expected was finishing the LeJog trip on rollerblades and the Gold’n raand project in February. Sadly this didn’t work out, and it was also quite hard on me. Next to this I didn’t really expect anything. I like to go with the flow and take what comes on my way. As you probably also know, if there are no expectations, it will always be positive. And by being in a positive state of mind, good unexpected things will happen.

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