Cycling through western Russia

About two months ago I’ve got a message from Gernot, head of the International Cycling Film Festival. A festival I co-host in the cinema I work at in Groningen. The message was short but strong: “Erwin, we are organizing an edition of the ICFF in Russia, you have to come!”

Obviously my first thought was: Yeah!! My second thought was: I need to arrange some free days for this, because a weekend in Russia is too short. So I arranged some free days, got myself a visum, some plane tickets and a little idea for an adventure. Cycle from The Red Square in Moscow to St. Petersburg. This will be around 700 kilometers, and I will make up the route as I go (because there are no good maps of this area).

I don’t have a bike yet, but I believe there is a bike for me somewhere in Moscow. Maybe in a second hand store, maybe at somebodies house gathering dust. With this trip I’m hoping to discover local Russian life. What we see on the news is merely a small view of Russian politics. How are the real Russian people? What do they eat, how do they live and how do they react on a bearded Dutch guy?

This journey I will work together with artist Pieter Hoekstra, who will visualize the journey in a couple of awesome illustrations. The journey will start the 29th of June and you can follow me on my Facebook page from then on!

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-16 om 14.16.32

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