Taste the Trail: a wild foraging adventure


Once in a while we all get that romantic idea; living from the land, only eating fresh, pure food and everything organic. Forage and eat what nature provides us. In this urban times we almost forgot where our food comes from. Yeah, from the supermarket. Wrapped in plastic.

A new wave of people has risen up. Conscious people who learn the old ways of foraging. Picking mushrooms, berries and making wild salads. Marin Leus from Groene Avonturen is one of those people. She lived of the grid, without a fridge and tries to eat as much wild food as possible. In her I found the perfect partner to go on a wild forage adventure. With her skills in foraging and my skills in traveling we form the perfect duo to live from the land for a couple of days. But is this actually possible?

On the 14th of September Marin and I will hit the trail, the Eifelsteig to be precise. We will hike three days and will only eat what nature will provide. Salads, maybe some berries and I will try to get fish. It might be easy, there might be a abundance of food. But it might be hard too. Bad weather, no fish or edible plants and a journey of 54 kilometers in three days.

During the journey I will share the recipes we use, we will make pictures and film the journey. In the end talented artist Evert-Jan Soepboer will make a beautiful map with all the places we found veggies, berries, mushrooms and hopefully cached a fish.

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