Cowboy Beans; the perfect one-pot-adventure-dish.


Food is always a bit of a thing while being on the road. Should you carry dried fruits or a jar of beans? Pre-packed adventure meals or do you make your own little brew? I mosty make my own brew. While cycling trough the mountainous desert of Gran Canaria I made a cheap and hearty meal I’d like to call: “Cowboy Beans”.

Cowboy Beans just has a couple of ingredients;

– Beans (of course)
– A can of sardines
– A piece of red onion
– Two cloves of garlic
– One tomato
– One stock cube
– One chili

First of all, don’t wash your hands; you don’t want to single out all that sweet taste that your hands gathered during the day. Now cut the cloves and piece of red onion in little pieces, as well as the chili. Bake them with the oil from the sardines. A couple of minutes into baking, throw the chili in. With or without seeds, to make it spicey or cowboyspicey. When the onions are almost glassy, throw the sardines in and stir it up. Add water, just a little splash is enough. Now add the beans and the stock cube and let it simmer for some minutes. While simmering, cut the tomato in small pieces and throw this in, in the end. Now your cowboy meal is ready! Don’t forget the meal needs some sand to scrub your stomach. Best is desertsand, but sand from socks also works.

After this meal you will feel warm and there might be a slight tingle in your stomach. That’s your inner cowboy trying to come out!

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