Pirate crew looking for work on a ship to South America

Are you planning to sail to South America, Cape Verde or the Caribbees and could you use a crew to help you out? Don’t search any longer, your pirate crew is found!


These are Dani & Ivan, now in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, searching for a boat to cross the Atlantic. These two good friends are bringing the most positive vibe to the hostel they are in right now, so actually we don’t want to see them leave. But surely they want to. The want to go to Colombia. I’ve asked them why Colombia. “Well, we’ve never been there, so that’s reason enough to go there.” Right on, guys!


Dani’s low voice (like Tom Waits woke up after a night of cigars and whiskey) and singing skills will scare away the sharks while Ivan’s active mentality and positive energy will keep the wind in the sails.

So do you know somebody searching for crew, sailing the Atlantic and in need op help or just going a short piece of that way? Or are you planning to cross the Atlantic in the very near future? Hit me up and contact me through my Facebook page. You’ll be happy to have the animated duo as part of your crew!

Please share this post anywhere you like; on your facebook page, on Reddit, through an email chain or call your uncle and tell him. It’s good to talk to your uncle again. Especially when he is a pirate planning to cross the Atlantic!


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