GranCanaria 24 ~ The story

On the 31st of January 2018 the night was lit by a full moon. Perfect for a 24 hour cycling journey around Gran Canaria. I would cycle for 24 consecutive hours, only stopping to rest or eat a little. With a little help from Pop On Bike I started the journey at 11AM. Every hour has been documented by one picture and 24 words. Here is the story.


11 AM: Ready to leave.


11 – 12 AM: Rain, rain, rain pants. I hate shoppingmalls. And being wet. Quickly I left the “Sexy Beast” and went into hell. To get rain pants.


12 – 1 PM: First hills. Have the feeling I’m going too slow to make my whole route. Strong winds, rain and sun to make me extra sweaty.


1 – 2 PM: Already 2 PM. Raining again. First longer stop where I eat and drink. I tend to forget this. Eat and drink, Erwin! You must!


2 – 3 PM: Sun and rain. Together they bring heat and cold. Looking at the moubtains I see nothing but grey. The contours give away steep climbs.


3 – 4 PM: I’m not relaxed. I want to GO! No time to eat or rest. Racing against myself. This costs energy. When relaxed, it becomes easier.


4 – 5 PM: I feel more relaxed and look forward to the mysterious mountain peaks. What do they speak about? Snow? Rain? Fog? Adventure, that’s for sure.

17-18 soep

5 – 6 PM: Hot food, before darkness sets in. A huge full moon seems like a dream behind rain filled clouds. Through glass I see clouds pass.


6 – 7 PM: I’m a little cold, my gloves are still wet and it’s dark now. I’m going deep into the mountains. Start a wet, cold night.

19-20 rainface

7 – 8 PM: Bluuugh, too much food. Struggeling to climb. Mind in my stomach, can’t focus. Darkness reveals nothing of the surrounding, I might be anywhere now.


8 – 9 PM: Rear light just ran out of battery. Catasrophe. Unsafe. More rain, strong winds and climbing. I’m wet but sweaty and hot. Is this fun?


9 – 10 PM: The road is closed. There is snow in the high peaks. Wind is still here but the moon is shining bright through the clouds.

22-23uitzicht cruz

10 – 11 PM: Freezing hands during steep, quick descents. Maybe good that road was closed. Hot drink and food in Artenara. Need some heating of the body.


11 – 12 PM: Above me clouds are rolling down from mountains while the moon lights up the valley below. I’m in the middle; now part of nature.


12 – 1 AM: I see four surprised faces staring at me. My eyes spit fire. I tell about the mission and they calm down. Food and warmth.


1 – 2 AM: The dark road is all mine. No cars, cyclists, motordrivers. Fog, wind and asfalt while the fat moon pierces the clouds now and then.

2-3 nothing

2 – 3 AM: Mongolian music is guiding me through mysterious foggy mountains. There is no left, right, up or down. Only forward while time is passing by.

3-4 cruz2

3 – 4 AM: Gotta keep moving. Cold. Snow, hail, wind and rain. Exhausted. Lots of fog, nothing but road. I need to follow the long white line.


4 – 5 AM: First signs of new day come in the shape of a garbagetruck. New motivation; makes me warm. And the extra sweater does as well.


5 – 6 AM: The road leads me deep in the dark abyss. Attacked by hail and rain. Nothing to see but only the feeling of going downwards.


6 – 7 AM: The night feels like a cloudy dream. Clear village lights awake me and send me down to sea level. I’m tired. Waiting for daylight.


7 – 8 AM: Drank coffee in a warm bar, feeling warm has been a while. Tiredness still has me in it’s grip, giving me a twitching eye.


8 – 9 AM: The sun is shining. Rays of light squirm through the streets like a long snake in desertsands. Yellow waves push away the cold dream.


9 – 10 AM: Last kilometers to Las Palmas. The adventureflow is gone, now it’s filling up time. The rain makes it a bit more adventurous. Almost there.


10 – 11 AM: Looking back I see dark clouds. I see rain, hail, storm. Mountains filled with experiences; beautiful ones and tough ones. Mountains full of adventure.


11 AM: Back where I started. 24 hours, 147 kilometers and 3197 hight meters in my legs. A fresh beer in my hands and the perspective of a warm bed makes the memory of those cold  windy hours melt like snow.

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-02 om 17.19.59Schermafbeelding 2018-02-02 om 17.20.26

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