Zwerflust; a travel collective teachning youngsters about alternative travel

Zwerflust roughly translates to “Wanderlust”. A thing we can all relate to. We have the lust to wander on our own ways. We get inspired through TV, radio and even more on social media; #traveltheworld. But what is better then to hear it from the adventurers themselves? Zwerflust is a collective of adventurers, travelers and free spirits sharing their passion for travel and inspiring youngsters to travel in a sustainable and alternative way. 

After traveling through Australia and New-Zealand Isa decided to start Zwerflust. A collective of travelers sharing their experiences to inspire others to travel. After a few brainstorm sessions we decided we wanted to teach youngsters and young adults how to travel in a responsible way. Next to this we would share our experience on certain festivals. After a year of zwerflust it became quiet.

Still a feeling of the purpose of Zwerflust haunted me. Zwerflust has a huge potential to show youngsters how travel is possible. How do you go from the idea to work on a farm in New Zealand to having the spade in your hands and helping the farmer dig an irrigation trench? Or you want to travel, but you don’t want to fly. Is it possible to take a bicycle to the other side of your country? Or even your continent? And isn’t the world a scary place? On our screens we see murder, war and violence. From our experiences we can tell most parts of the world are good places. By showing youngsters they don’t have to be afraid of other cultures or countries, they will open up more and we end up with a more open minded and travelled generation. Because of this potential I decided to kickstart the concept of Zwerflust again.

The mating call of Zwerflust on social media attracted a small but various group of people. Arjen who walked from Alkmaar to New York, Joost who circumnavigated Sumatra with a kayak, Monique who uses walking as a form of art or Fiona who backpacked many, many countries. More people will join the project and together we can inspire people on a young age to travel the world, learn, work together with other communities and become true “World citizen”.

Remco and Coen talking about hitchhiking and traveling the world by motorbike

Soon we will start hitting up schools, festivals and all sorts of places where we can share our travel experiences. Are you a teacher on a Dutch school and do you think: “Hey, I can use a couple of experienced travelers teaching my pupils”, get in touch and we can figure something out!

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