Adventure Nights


Since 2015 I organize “Adventure Nights”. A series of lectures with your average adventurers. Normal people who cycled across continents, drove their motorbikes to the end of the world or cycled across the ocean (Yes, this is possible). Normal people like you and me, giving talks about their adventures. Inspiring the audience to take on the backpack and get out there!

People who gave talks are:

  • Ebrahim Hematnia – Crossed the Atlantic Ocean with a special made “bikeboat”
  • Joren Kruit – Cycling from Groningen to Istanbul
  • Martijn Regterschot – Motorbike from Groningen to Padang (Indonesia)
  • Remco van der Noord – Motorbike from Leeuwarden to Mongolia and back (trough skype, on location)
  • Roy Williams – Longboard from Rotterdam to Istanbul (made it till Serbia)
  • Henk van Dillen – Cycling from Rotterdam to Singapore on a 2nd hand bike
  • Johanneke & Douwe Dijkstra – From Leeuwarden to Paris on a Vespro bike

For questions about an Adventure Night or speaking there, just get in touch!