Read’n listen

Two weeks into my first backpacking journey in Sweden I decided to start my diary. I was sitting on a hill looking over the green Swedish forests and thinking: I should write down the experiences of the last two weeks so I can read them back when I’m 60. Then I would read it and know this was the moment my life went in the other direction. Reading about the particular moments that made me grow.

This was is 2008. Since then I’m writing about my journeys, first for myself but now also for other people to read. By writing about my journeys, I don’t only grow myself. I share the experience of the journey and growing, so others can get inspired, take on a journey themselves and grow like I did. Or just sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy a good story.

EAST2WEST; 450 km on rollerblades

[MAG] ~ A Dutch rollerblading magazine, article on page 59, in Dutch                                       Seriously We Think Free ~ A lifestyle / travel magazine, in English                                    ~ A Dutch website on news in the province of Groningen, in Dutch                         Hanzemag ~ Magazine from the university in Groningen, in Dutch

Hungary – Netherlands, by bike ~ Personal blog by adventurer Tom Allen, in English

Interviews ~ Personal blog by adventurer Henk van Dillen, in English              ~ Personal website/blog by British adventurer Paul Everitt, in English


Zomaar Radio ~ Underground radio station by artist Maud van Maarseveen. Here we talk and listen about music during adventurous journeys. All in Dutch, music in other languages as well.

  • Zomaar Raw Radio 4G ~ Radioshow formed from a little adventure (live from a tent)
  • Raw Radio ~ Adventure radio with interviews, music and stories
  • Zomaar Radio Part one & Part two ~ Talking adventurous journeys and music