Rough Conditions Adventure Film Festival


Adventure is not only for Bear Grylls, polar explorers with their dog sleds or bearded mountain climbers on the top of the Mount Everest. No, it’s for you and me. From you and me.

A weekend with a full backpack in the woods, a journey on a bicycle trough Europe or a week in the mountains of Switzerland. These journeys are in reach of everybody, and this is what the festival is about. Ordinary people making extraordinary journeys to inspire others. People like you and me, with the need for an adventurous journey now and then.

The first two editions of the RCAFF consisted of short, professional films, a lecture and a discussion with the audience. Some of the films are prize winners at other film festivals. These films are made by the adventurers them self, or people with a high affection for adventure, making the films not only high quality but also personal giving them a personal touch.

The festivals goal is to inspire the audience. To show the audience everything is possible and adventure is for everybody. This will not only be accomplished by showing films, but also by a presentation from one of the filmmakers about one of his journeys.

Adventurous journeys are good for the soul, and by sharing these journeys the audience gets inspired to leave their couch behind and start planning!


“Starting an adventure means leaving the sphere of commercial exploitation, not inevitably for subversive reasons, rather for having fun in senseless activities mingled with a high dosis of nature.” – Gernot Müghe, co-founder of the award winning International Cycling Film Festival

Locations 1st RCAFF:

  • Herne, Germany
  • Groningen, NL
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Las Palmas, SP


  • Herne, Germany
  • Groningen, NL
  • Enschede, NL
  • Zwolle, NL