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Schermafbeelding 2015-02-18 om 17.25.30

This is my previous virtual hangout. It still has loads of stories, blogposts and thoughts on the subject of adventure.

Here you can find my new website

Nearly always excited for new ways to make adventurous journeys, I use these journeys to show you the world, and maybe even inspire you to take on an journey yourself! For some time I’ve been writing & talking about my journeys and the things he learned during them. Since 2012 I make professional films for festivals, gatherings and the internet. You can find stories from my journeys, and more on his Blog.

Also I’m proud founder of the Dutch Adventure Community and member of travel collective “Zwerflust“.

To contact me simply send me an email on Erwinz86[at]hotmail.com or a message through Facebook.