Talks & Writings


Since a year I’ve been talking about my local adventures, backpacking and traveling. On schools, in cafe’s, cinema’s and even at an old church. All the knowledge I’ve gathered from my first step with my newly bought backpack 8 years ago till the dried sweat drops of my last adventure I share during these talks. The subjects include:

– WWOOF: Voluntary farm work abroad

– Hitchhiking

– How to prepare for a long distance cycling trip

– How to break monotonous life trough adventures

– 450 kilometers on rollerblades in the winter

– How to start traveling


Next to the talks and stories I also write articles and blogs. For Tom Allen I wrote about WWOOF and cycling and “Seriously We Think Free” magazine published my article that shows “A day in the life of a skate-packer”.

If you would like to book me to speak at your event, cafe, restaurant or festival just send me a email at erwinz86[at] The same if you would like me to write an article for your magazine or blog, if you would like to use an article from my blog or if you would like to drink a cup of tea with me and exchange some good stories. Ill be up for that too.

4 thoughts on “Talks & Writings

  1. Hi friend, i use a hobo stove with gel or wood…you stve looks interesting, can you tell me if you made it or where it is from…thanks mickey

    • Hey Mickey, the stove is a brand called Meta, and the type I have is the N40. Its a swiss brand, and I found it in a swedish free store. I do think you can make them yourself, it doesn’t have to be so hard. What kind of stove do you use?


  2. ops, sorry, i use a simple handmade hobo stove with sterno and when i run out of sterno on the trip, then i use twig and pine cones…mickey

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