Without-a-map: Maastricht (NL) to Coo (BE)

Do you know this feeling of being lost? A quick look on the map, or on your phone and you know where you are and which way you have to go, to reach your endpoint. I’ve done this many many times, and every time i reached my endpoint, but now ill do it different. Ill go to Maastricht, in the total south of the Netherlands and find my way to Coo, in the middle of the Belgium Ardennes. Yes, Without-a-map!

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-24 om 15.18.44

Why would one do this? When you go somewhere, you have a look on the map which way you need to go; you don’t get lost. If you take away the map, you still know where you need to go, but not how to get there; there is now an element of surprise in the adventure. You have to watch your surrounding closer, and you’re delivered to your own navigating skills. I’ve never done this sort of thing before, so for me it’s also a first time. It might be easy, it might be fun, it might be hard and rainy the whole weekend…  Although I think there will be good times in the autumnish forrests of the Belgian Ardennes. Ive set myself some rules, so I would not cycle around in circles for hours and hours on end. The rules are:

– I can use a compass

– I can ask people where to go. (Its in the French speaking part of Belgium, and i speak no French at all!)

– Im allowed to make drawings from maps i see along the road, and from what i can understand from people.

– I want to be back in maastricht at 18:00 monday evening.

Maastricht – Coo is about 60 to 70 Kilometers. It could be a day of cycling, or 3 days of wondering where I am, and how I get to my endpoint… Now you might ask yourself: “why Coo?” Well it’s the first place in my life where Ive been sleeping outside, under the stars next to a waterfall. You can say it’s the place where my love for camping was born. Therefore Ill just take my bivvy bag and a tarp to sleep under.

Next week there will be the conclusion of this autumn adventure. Was it just a stupid idea, and should i get myself a GPS system, or will i burn all my maps and go “Without-a-map” from here on? Maybe ill just keep my maps for the next time…

Here you can read part 1!

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