The egoism of my adventure talks

Is it egoist to talk about what I do? Is it egoist to make films where I am the leading figure? Isn’t this a form of self-aggrandizement? I don’t know yet.

Last weekend I was at the Nomads Gathering in Amsterdam. I offered to talk about the inline skating trip I did last winter, and offered the Amsterdam premiere of my last film about adventure. During the festival a weird feeling overcame me; everything I told about on the festival was done by me, or was about me. Wasn’t this hardcore self-aggrandizement? Look what I did! Let me tell you what I did, and have a look at this film I made. It’s about adventure, and it’s MY personal view on adventure. I don’t like this so much. I’m not more important than other people. I don’t want to put myself on a socket and say: “Look what I’ve done, how cool is this!”


But what happened? After the talk I gave people started to come up to me telling me they were inspired to make a trip as well! A girl who was a rollerskater came up to me and told me: “Wow, i’d never thought about traveling in this way, and I’m gonna have a look into doing a trip like this on my rollerskates!” I gave her some advice and I could see she was really excited about the idea.

During the screening of my film the same thought came up: “Shit, I’m way too many times in the picture! Again I’m telling what I think, and I’m showing MY thoughts…” And guess what happened, people came up to me again, saying how much they liked the film, and how it made them want to go on an adventure too. It made me realize, that by sharing my own accounts, I could inspire people to go out, to go on a little adventure or on a big trip of a lifetime.


So by telling my stories of adventures, showing pictures of me on skates, a bike or knee deep in water, I can show people adventurous ideas that might sound crazy are possible. By showing myself, my thoughts and talking about what I did, I can inspire YOU. It makes it a bit easier to talk about the trips I make, and to see my face on the screen over and over…


Next week I will start a new adventure; cycling from Maastricht to the Mt.Blanc and back without a map! If you’d like to follow that trip, you can like my facebook page here

3 thoughts on “The egoism of my adventure talks

  1. Well I even have that feeling when I tell people that I meet every now and then what I do. No Ideas about that though. I always try to convince myself of the idea “I tell it people so that they open their minds” but the next time I explain what I am doing I find myself at describing it for my personal benefit and gain, and not for the others… can’t help that 😀

    • Yeah, I understand what you mean. It’s a bit double, right? But it seems that even telling it, you gain something from it, and this you can use later to teach to others.

      ps. I’ve seen you’ve been to Irbene too, awesome place! I was there when the dish was still up a couple of years ago 🙂

  2. I for myself finally realized that I don’t have to travel/explore for others, but for myself. Many times I found myself wondering what reactions I might get when I tell somebody I know about it, like I was doing it for the moment of telling it, but I finally figured this year that I do it for myself. That if does not matter if I tell it to any body or how. At least not in the first place.
    Sure it might change something in people, in society, … but thats just secondary. Nothing I do at the moment should be primarily be done for anybody else than me.
    This also counts for exotic adventures or boundary-stretching/breaking searches for reality (like you upcoming no-maps tour that I like very much!). When I do something like that I primarily do it for me. To prove that I can do it, prove that to me. Show myself what I am made of.

    To see where the border to insanity is 😀

    And, did you enter the old buildings in Irbene besides the radar? ^_^

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