Making a radioshow from a tent. Adventure radiobroadcasting at its finest!

There are many ways to cover an adventure. Take a camera and make an awesome motion picture, to leave people flabbergasted in the cinema or anywhere else. To write a book, write down your deepest thoughts and take your audience along with the trip. Or make the most colorful and beautiful pictures. But how about radio? Like, live radio from a tent in the middle of a natural park?

To have a look how this comes about I teamed up with Maud van Maarseveen, underground radiomaker from Groningen. We decided to cycle to a nearby natural area, spend two nights in the tent and listen to the sounds of adventure. Here you can hear the radioshow, and listen for yourself how adventure sounds. We had to replace a wheel, fix a flat, find a spot for two nights, endure hail and eat pancakes. And we had an encounter with the local bird watchers, all to make a fine radioshow about the sounds of adventure, with a phone and a recorder.




Check out the Raw Sleep-out facebook page too!

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